Copper Card - Adult
SKU: cards-mab
The Copper Card-Adult allows you to ski Alta when & where you want without going to the ticket office. Tied to your credit card, we will bill you 20% off the window rate of any ticket type you ski.
Copper Card-Adult Rates:    
Ticket Type Window
Area Day Ticket $79 $63.20
Area PM Ticket $65 $52
Late Afternoon Ticket $37 $29.60
Beginner Area Day Ticket $42 $33.60
Ski After 3 on Sunnyside/Cecret $5 FREE
The Copper Card-Adult can also be used as a charge card at Alf's Restaurant, Watson Shelter, Alf Engen Ski School & the Alta Ski Shop.
  • 20% discount applies to Adult window rates only. Not applicable towards multi-day products. Child window rates not available on this card. Please see Copper Card-Child.
  • An AltaSnowbird upgrade must be purchased at any ticket window at Alta. $63.20 will be billed to your Copper Card-Adult when you pass through the gates for the Alta portion, but the $36 upgrade for Snowbird needs to be purchased at an Alta ticket window. This is NOT a direct-to-lift option.
  • Not valid with any other offer, discount, coupon or promotion.
Daily usage will be billed to the credit card used to pay for this online purchase. Please review Terms and Conditions for more information. To have daily usage billed to a different credit card, a Credit Card Agreement Form will need to be completed, signed and turned into Alta. If purchasing multiple cards, all cards daily usage will be billed to the credit card used for this online purchase. Please consider splitting into multiple orders to have daily usage billed to separate credit cards.
Alta has a NO-REFUND policy; once a season card is purchased, no refunds will be given.
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